Applications via Uni-Assist e.V.

Uni-Assist e.V. is a German association responsible for evaluating international school and university certificates and determining their equivalence to German educational standards. At the moment, around 170 German universities require their international applicants to apply via Uni-Assist.

How much is the fee?

On Uni-Assist you pay per course you wish to study. A desired study programme can be an application for a preparatory course (Studienkolleg), a Bachelor's, or a Master's degree. Uni-Assist charges the following prices:

EUR 75 for the first application;
EUR 30 for each additional application.

Note that if you are applying again for a new semester, you once again pay EUR 75 for the first and EUR 30 for each additional programme.

How much should I pay?

As soon as your application status changes to “Pay Uni-Assist fee”, our team will get in touch with you and let you know how much exactly the Uni-Assist fee is. If you want to know how much the total Uni-Assist fee is prior to submitting your application, contact us via the Live Chat, WhatsApp (+49 157 51719413), or mail to Here is an example for an application semester (with our Standard plan, including five applications):

University 1 (with Uni-Assist)
Desired study programme A—EUR 75
Desired study programme B—EUR 30

University 2 (without Uni-Assist)
Desired study programme C— EUR 0
Desired study programme D—EUR 0

University 3 (with Uni-Assist)
Desired study programme E—EUR 30

Total Uni-Assist fee—EUR 135

If you are not sure how much to pay, contact us via the Live Chat, WhatsApp (+49 157 51719413) or mail to

How do I pay the Uni-Assist fee?

You can pay the Uni-Assist fee either via bank transfer or credit card. The payment deadline is the same as the application deadline of the programme you wish to apply for. Our team will send you an email with the bank account details as well as the sum you have to pay to Uni-Assist.

You can also read more about Uni-Assist's payment options here.

I transferred the money to Uni-Assist. What is the next step?

Please log into your student account, head over to your dashboard, and click the “Payment done” button. You will see what to do next on your dashboard afterwards.

My application status says I should send my documents to Uni-Assist. What exactly should I do and what documents do I need to submit?

Our team will contact you in order to help you to submit everything correctly. You need to submit the following documents:

– Your school leaving certificate including an overview of subjects and grades (X and X+II);
– Your university diploma including an overview of subjects and grades (if available);
– The minimum passing grade for your degree to be awarded, equivalent to “pass class”.

Note: Please have your documents officially certified by a notary. Alternatively, you can also have your documents certified by the issuing university. The certification must include the university's seal and a signature by the student administration office, the dean, or the office responsible for examinations. In all cases, have your documents certified with a stamp in English or German.

Put all certified document copies into an envelope, add the required postage and send it to the following address:

Uni-Assist e.V.
11507 Berlin